They told me the road was long
I never thought they meant this much
And you looked so wonderful,
I never thought i’d make you blush

Time doesn’t mean a thing
Beeing together makes it stop
So take me by the heart
We’ll climb back to the mountain tops

The world was made for us
Let’s live our wanderlust

I know you’re insecure
I guess you’re not the only one
But baby kiss my lips
Our souls will live forever young.

I hope you will be proud
Now that you even got your song
And remember the day
You made a beachbum fall in love

The world was made for us
And you’re my wanderlust

Now we’re old,
We had our fights
Like we never thought we’d do
But when the world sleep through the night
I’m still here laughing with you
Our love will never die
And I fall again tonight


Paroles: Guillaume Fuso
Musique: Guillaume Fuso, William Gaboury
Arrangements: William Gaboury
Basse: Nicolas Fontaine
Back Vocals: Alexandre Arancibia, Sylvain Boudreau, Louis Fuso

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