Money, money
Guess it’s all about it
Money, money
Guess we all think about it

And now the world is busy running
After all those dimes.
Hapinness is not a number, no.
We all lose our time.

Thinking about the dough,
Thinking about the bread.
Thinking about those stacks,
Thinking about those grands.

Thinking about the cash,
Thinking about the bills.
Thinking about my life in California on the hills.

I wish I hade enough money to be happy,
I wish I had a car, a house and a sexy lady (Uh)
Happiness is on the back seat of a limousine
I swear I saw it somewhere in a magazine, yeah.


I got 99 problems
But not a penny to solve one.
I used to laugh at followers until the day I became one.
Guess I just fit in the mold.
It’s been a while I haven’t dream to find myself on the road.
Road. Road. Now roll the economy.
It’s gonna suck me dry until it has enough of me.

I dream now about the days of my retirement.
To be free when wonder where my fucking life has been.
Or I can leave town tonight, do it my way but fuck it.
I can’t live right now, I ain’t got no money in my pockets.

It’s all about that dollar,
It’s all about that.

It’s all about that money,
That what the world spins for



Paroles: Guillaume Fuso
Musique: Guillaume Fuso
Basse: Nicolas Fontaine
Arrangements: William Gaboury
Scratch: DJ JEMZ

Inspiration: La chanson bien Hip-Hop de l’album. (Peut contenir des gros mots). Simplement ma façon de voir la vie dans ce système axé sur ce besoin d’avoir un gros compte de banque pour avoir l’impression d’exister.

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