It’s been a while that we didn’t touch
And I never wanted to make you rush
It seems like I never get enough of you.

Now here I come with my empty mind
And I really wish I could go back in time
When I was yours and you could have said «I do».

What goes up must come down
What goes around comes around

Okay, maybe I just need some time.
To go out and ease my mind.
Call up some friends,
Drink some wine
And then we’ll hit rewind.

Cause I juste miss those days,
When everything was in place.
Before I stressed out rushed up
Like my whole life’s a race.

But take a minute,
Let’s be living
With a drink for two.
Under the sun,
In the backyard
With a barbecue.

Please don’t ever forget
How sweet life is in the summertime.
A pack of cold beers at the beach
And everything will be just fine.
Come on.

I told my boss I was a little tired.
Then he said,
«Alright, you are fired.»
It’s okay, I didn’t really like that job.

They told me I got to pay today,
Or they gonna cut my line away.
Man, I really got to tell these times are rough.


Paroles: Guillaume Fuso

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