Friday night,
What the hell could I do
I’m feeling fine
But I’m thinking of you.

One more time,
I get lost in my thoughts.
My friends are here,
But I’m taking it rough.

Can i forget this night again.
I fucked it up, guess what happened.

Saturday night,
I’m a little bit drunk.
I’m starting a fight
On the sound of the funk.

People go loud,

We’re going out
And for one more song,
I’m taking it high.
And we’re singing like


Sunday night,
I’m chilling at my place.
I don’t feel right,
Too much bruises on my face.
Because of you,
What did you do?
You took my smile,
And my heart too.


I fucked it up I know,
It was forever ago.
But you’re still mad,
I wish i had
The strenght to let you go.

But you left so fast
I didn’t see it coming.
You hit the road under the lights
Of the early morning.

Please come back
And give me one chance,
Can’t you remember
I used to be your man.

Damn, people change
And now i miss the time
That we felt the same way
I still love you baby.


Paroles: Guillaume Fuso
Musique: Guillaume Fuso, Antoine Beaugrand-Champagne, William Gaboury Arrangements: William Gaboury

Inspiration: Ça fait si longtemps, Antoine Beaugrand-Champagne et moi voulions créer du Funk. Le petit bateau loin après tout. Guess we all fucked it up somehow, right?

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