On the road to the westcoast
I found love and friends of mine.
We found drugs, we had fun
And that love is just begun.

It’s on tonight,
The world we used to know is falling down
It’s on tonight,
The endless road makes me free my mind.


Love is just begun,
Love is just begun,

Everybody that I know
Will have a drink before I go
Cause tonight I’ll be on the road
To spread some love and watch it grow

I probably don’t have the courage to say
All the things I have in mind
But if you let me one more time
I would thank all the friends of mine

And no, I don’t think I’d come back.
Back from this endless road.
But you know, I would love you to know
That I finally found my goal.

My bags are waiting at the door,
I’ll be Skyping with you.
And there is no more need to cry,
I’ll be happy chasing the moon.


Love is just begun,
Love is just begun.

Paroles: Guillaume Fuso
Musique: Guillaume Fuso, William Gaboury
Arrangements: William Gaboury
Basse: Nicolas Fontaine

Inspiration: Chanson inspirée par ces nombreux voyages dépourvus de destinations, ces aventures sans fin et ces amours d’été.

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