Oh, little girl,
Why you felt in love with this guy?
He’s only good to break your heart
And make those tears drop from your eyes.
Oh, little girl,
Why you’re trying to make it right
He’s probably going to leave you out
At the end of this awful night.

My friend wants to be like the others.
And have a cool guy, who’ll take her to the bar with his cool car.
Well, yeah…. Whatever.

She gives her heart like she was ready to suffer.
Girl, stop crying. Love was made for crashing.
But it don’t mean you don’t have to enjoy it.


One, if he wants to sleep over at the first night
I think you should probably ask him to take time
Cause, if he’s a good guy, he can surely wait,
And support you in what you do or say.

And two, if he wants to show the world you’re his girl
Maybe he’s a good guy, maybe he doesn’t lie.
But how would you know if you don’t give him a chance?
A chance with your heart though, not with your underpants.

Three, if he stays with you when you don’t feel right,
Ready to play in your haire all night.
Cuddle you when you’re watching your stupid girly TV show
Then, enjoy the moment
And never let him go


If he calls you only when you’re asking
If he loves you only when you’re happy
If he wants you only with some makeup,
Then i think it’s time for you to make it stop.

If he doesn’t want to hold your hand
And doesn’t care about none of your friends.
If he wants to talk to you but only on the weekends
Then, i think it’s time for you to leave that man.


Paroles: Guillaume Fuso
Back vocals: William Gaboury
Musique: Guillaume Fuso, William Gaboury
Arrangements: William Gaboury
Basse: Nicolas Fontaine

Inspiration: Après une longue soirée bien arrosée. Une chansons dédicacée à ma vieille amie Frédérique Bois que je tiens toujours dans mon coeur, même si le temps nous a éloigné. C’est une bonne fille qui avait le don de trouver des mauvais gars. Cette chanson s’adresse donc aussi à toutes ces jeunes adultes et vieilles ados qui cherchent l’amour avec des critères douteux.

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